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A problem encountered at the simultaneous run of Output compare waveform and PWM

Associate III

I am using STM32F407. I am using TIM1 for output compare waveform running at 5Mhz and TIM9 for 250Khz waveform. Output Compare is used to produce a waveform of desired data. However, both timmers run fine individually, but if both are run simultaneously both waveforms are distorted or do not produce waveform. No interrupt call is being used.


What is "output compare waveform" and how is it different from PWM?

Read out and check/post content of TIM1, TIM9 and relevant GPIO registers.


Associate III

output compare waveform is of desired data and it changes with data. However, PWM is a continuous 250khz waveform. I have read all. due to PWM my Output Compare waveform stops.