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STSPIN32F0 Series motor Controller Acceleration and Deacceleration settings

Associate II


I have STSPIN32F0 Based Board for PMSM motor Drive. This Motor Works for Water Pump Application. we have Created 5 step in start up sequence using  MC workbench. Motor Rotate as per Profile upto start up sequence Complete. But as soon as Motor Switch to Close Loop it start to rotate on Full Speed Suddenly and that create problem in actual application for us(some time motor stall hear OR we receive Speed Feed Back error sometime). we need to set some acceleration time. after switching to close loop it will take some time to get high RPM. Also same thing we need when we send a STOP Command, Motor deaccelerate slowly and then Stop.

We can't find any solution we are trying from many days, Please let me know that how can i implement above function of acceleration and deacceleration in MC workbench Generated Code.

we are using sensor less FOC drive with single shunt measurement. 

I am using keil IDE for Coding..



cedric H
ST Employee

Hello @PPate.2 ,

Could you attach your project file. I will have a look on it and try to see if I can help you.




thanks for your reply

here i have attached project file

Hello sir,

We are waiting for your reply,

This solution is very Urgent and essential for us