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STEVAL-SPIN3201 Basic Operation

Associate II

Trying to evaluate a Maxon 323217 Motor with the STEVAL-SPIN3201 and not having any luck. 

Using MCSDK6.2 with Motor Control Workbench 6.2.1 and Motor Pilot 1.2.5. 

The motor is configured for position control using a 512 count ABI encoder.  I've tried sensorless w/ Torque and Speed Control / Hall w/ Speed Control / Encoder Position Control / Encoder without Index Speed Control.  None of the configuration's work at all.  The system is unstable in almost all configurations.  Tried PWM Frequencies 10kHz / 16kHz / 20kHz with the later two with the current loop running at half the PWM rate.  Tried using the automatic calculations using Auto Calculate Torque/Flux Kp & Ki and tried custom values based on another system which correctly works for this motor.  Set electrical alignment to index pulse = 0 as per the Maxon datasheets.  Also tried measuring the BEMF on A-B and setting the offset angle to the index pulse that way (135deg?).

Maxon motor controller works fine with this motor so the motor is functioning.    Any suggestions?

FWIW: Tried using MCSDK5.4 and software bugs failed to allow me to build the project since it can't find the newer version of MX.


ST Employee

Hello @MarkIlg,

Firstly, sorry for the late reply.
Did you try first to drive your motor in Sensor Less mode (STO_PLL e.g) on main speed sensor and the encoder on auxiliary speed sensor, and if motor spins, compare the STOPLL_EL_ANGLE and the ENCODER_EL_ANGLE, both should be aligned.
If angles do not match, please check the Motor parameters provided to the workbench.

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Best regards.