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Serial Connection Failed


Hello everyone!

I have got three boards of the STEVAL-CTM010V1, one I bought earlier and the other two I purchased later. Now I have got a problem that when the hardware connection and the software download on the flash are all the same, the older one could operate without any problems while the new boards would occur error: connection failed. I found the serial number of the MCU is different and there are labels on the back of the new boards. I'm wondering if it's the chip version or the board version that's causing the firmware upgrade.

The detailed software version, serial connection setting, picture of the MCUs and the labels are shown in the attachment.

Thank you in advance!

Best regards,


Zied b.
ST Employee

Hello @JZhan.29 , I'm sorry for the late response, we are trying to respond to old posts, 

I wanted to know if you still need help?

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