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Low-speed torque problem

Associate II

Hi ST Community


I used EVSPIN32G4 board and MC Workbench 6.2.1.
I configured to use speed mode and hall sensor using EVSPIN32G4 sample project.
The motor supports 15V, 16000rpm, and 40mN.
And I tested it using MC_FOC_SDK GUI.

The following situations occurred.
0. If there is no load on the motor, the motor will rotate normally.
1. If you hold the motor with your hand before it is activated, the motor will not rotate.
2. In that condition, the power of the motor became stronger and could no longer be held by hand (GUI's "torque reference" value was approximately 5A)
3. This process takes about five seconds.(too late)

As a result, I need strong torque at low speed, but I don't know where to fix the source code.
Please let me know if you have any solutions or ideas for this.


Thank-you and Best Regards,