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Can someone explain the equations for Space vector PWM implementation in section 4.11 in UM1052?

Dimitris Paraskevopoulos
Associate III

I am trying to understand Field Oriented Control and use it on an STM32 MCU and I have a question on the implementation.

I have read UM1052 and the presentation on fundamentals of motor control which explains some things nicely and I now want to understand how are the voltage phases (pwm center-aligned duty cycles) calculated from the orthogonal motor-aligned voltages Vα, Vβ.

I understand how the phases can be computed graphically by reading this but I don't understand the motive for the equations in 4.11 of UM1052.

What are Uα, Uβ for? Do they have some meaning?

What are X, Y and Z supposed to represent?

How did they come up with these equations?

Thank you very much.


Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear Dimitris Paraskevopoulos

We will try to answer to question ASAP.

In the meantime, if you can give me some information :

  • are you searching a solution for a project or is it just a study for learning?
  • and if you search a solution have you already some material (boards, motors and so on) and SW (tools, internal SW dev and so on)?

Best regards

Laurent C.

Laurent Ca...
Lead II

Dear @Dimitris Paraskevopoulos​ 

Do you have still this problem to solve?

Best regards

Laurent Ca...

Hi Laurent,

Yes I would like to know the answer to this please.