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How to use Nano Edge AI Studio


The Data Logger does not light up yellow as shown in the figure below after starting Nano Edge AI Studio.

Also, when I try to create a model for anomaly detection, I cannot select IMPORT from [Type of signal sourse] as shown in the figure below, and I cannot proceed.

Can you please tell me if you can think of any possible causes?


Julian E.
ST Employee

Hello Shun,

Concerning the fact that you cannot import data, it is because some signals are incorrect. We can see in your second screenshot that the signal number 20 only contains 13 values while the two other signals above contain 20 values. All your signals need to contain the same amount of value. You can click on the box on the left to delete signals that do not contain 20 values.

As for the fact that the datalogger is not yellow anymore, it only due to an update where it was removed.

Best regards,



Hello Julian,

Thank you for your response.

Click on the box on the left and you will see "Problem detected on lines".

Upon checking, there seems to be a problem on all lines.

I am using STEVAL-STWINKT1B from the "STWIN Starter Kit" and have implemented the following URL for reference.

AI:FP-AI-MONITOR1 getting started - stm32mcu

Can you please tell me if you can think of any possible causes?

Best regards,