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Using CAN and USB CDC at the same time, STM32F303CCT6 and STM32F102CBT6

Associate III

Hello, I have some questions to you :), at first i am sorry for my bad english. But according to my question/problem. I have STM32F103CBT6 microcontroller, but i find that i can't use at the same time USB CDC and CAN interface, is this correct? I also can have the STM32F303CCT6 but i don't know if i can use CAN and USB in this MCU at same time together? Can someone anwser my question? If in this 2 MCUs can't i use CAN and USB, can you provide the MCU model where i can? Thanks for help 🙂


_legacyfs_online_stmicro_images_0693W00000bjb64QAA.pngYes, it might've been more conspicuously displayed, especially in the "device features and peripheral counts" tables in related models' datasheets.

According to RM0316, the 'F303xC USB and CAN don't share RAM (in 'F303xD/xE they share a portion of RAM, but that shouldn't prevent from both USB and CAN to be used). I don't have personal experience with the 'F303xC USB/CAN.


Associate III

So, in STM32F303CCT6 ishouldn't have problem with use USB CDC and CAN together. In STM32F103CBT6 I also find information aboud shared SRAM memory between CAN and USB, but i want be sure so i decided to have discuss with somebody more expirienced. I'm total amateur 🙂