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Transmission of a matrix on CAN bus

Associate II

Hi, I have an STM32H723ZG and I want to transmit a matrix in which I stored some measured data on a CAN bus. I can use the following function only writing the pointer to the matrix in "pTxData" or I have to segment the matrix?

HAL_FDCAN_AddMessageToTxFifoQ (FDCAN_HandleTypeDef * hfdcan,
FDCAN_TxHeaderTypeDef * pTxHeader, uint8_t * pTxData)

Moreover, I have to define manually the "pTxHeader" or is it created automatically by the STM32CubeMX?

Karl Yamashita
Lead II

You can pass the pointer to the data. You have to create a new pTxHeader instance, then configure the pTxHeader with appropriate arguments.