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STM32F107+LWIP(2.0.3)+freeRTOS not work

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i use STM32F107+LWIP(2.0.3)+freeRTOS

I wrote the program with the help of the following document :

After connecting the computer with the micro a few times, the information is correctly received by the micro.

But I don't send a reply to the computer. The tcp_server_recv callback function only turns one LED on and off for one second.

After sending information a few times, it stops receiving and I don't have ping anymore.

What advice can you give?

Associate II


GO to freeRTOS-> Advanced Settings and Enable USE_NEWLIB_REENTRANT


This will fix the issue


Associate II

@HKabi.1 Are you able to ping STM107 when FreeRTOS + LWIP is used? If yes, could you please check my code attached? I am not able to ping the STM107 when I am using FreeRTOS and LWIP, but I can ping it when I use LWIP alone without FreeRTOS



Thanks for your reply. However, I already had this setting in FreeRTOS (Enable USE_NEWLIB_REENTRANT) and it was not the solution. A representative from ST helped out with this and the picture below explains the proper setup. The setting below in LWIP General Settings, must be set to "1" and this fixed the problem.



@spoatechThanks for the Update.

I'd like to like to know if you can ping the STM32F107. If possible, I'd appreciate guidance on configuring it for Ethernet functionality. In my case, I'm unable to ping the STM32F107 when using FreeRTOS and LWIP together, but I can ping it when using LWIP alone without FreeRTOS.

Hardware used : HAOYU Electronics STM107 Board