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STM32 G0 FDCan In Classic Mode

Associate III

I have a Nucleo G0B1RE board and I am trying to get the FDCan peripheral up and going.  There is no sample application specific to this board so I have copied the initialization from the C1 eval board files.  I am just trying to send classic frames (i.e. non FD), and using PCAN explorer to see the messages.  PCAN explorer give me the BUS HEAVY indication and does not see any errors or messages.  I have hooked up a logic analyzer to the Tx GPIO pin and the analyzer is able to recognize the messages as CAN traffic and decode the bits at the proper baud rate.  The analyzer does report an error at the end of the transmission though (after the checksum), but does not tell me the actual problem- only 'error'. 

Baud rates and termination have been checked.

I have attached the project I have in the hopes it is something simple in the configuration I have missed.

Any help or insight is appreciated!