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OV7670 FIFO Camera Wiring

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I am working on the OV7670 FIFO camera module with NUCLEO-H745ZI-Q board. My purpose is taking the image data and saving SD card via BMP format. I tried a lot of codes from github and Youtube but it didn't work. Finally I found the Udemy course video and he explained all the things clearly. But for the wiring part, there are some not clear points. I shared two pictures from the video. In the first picture he checked the schematic and after the second picture he did all the wiring and it works fine. But the problem is, in the schematic 6th and 10th wire is HREF and OE. But for the wiring picture has no HREF and OE pins but it has extra WRST and REN pins. So the question is, are there any relation about the HREF&OE pins and WRST&REN pins? If yes, what is the correct wiring for four of them?

The schematic picture:
The wiring photo:


Also, for the OV7670 FIFO camera, it's Version 2.0 not 3.0.

And the last thing, if anyone wonder the Udemy video link:


ST Employee

Hello @koksoybedirhan,

I checked the OV7670+ AL422B (FIFO datasheet) PCB pin and I found that PIN 6 and PIN 10 correspond to HREF and OE/CS respectively as shown in the below figure.


I suggest you also check this issue with the camera module provider.

Thank you.



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