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how to see the received file in stm32f429zi

Associate II

here, i was send the data from tera term with xmodem 1k protocol and the file completely send from tera term side but i don't know ,how to see the file name on stm32 side


In general with terminal programs, only the file content is sent, not the filename.

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Associate II

thanks for your reply....i accept that but how will i find the file reception on stm32cube ide. i was planned after some delay send back the file to the terminal program, once i find the file reception then only i execute this...

Not sure what you're asking here.

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You could dump the data, or portion of it, to the terminal in a more human readable form. You could checksum or CRC the data to confirm it got there correctly. The X-Modem-1K process will expand the field so it has a size rounded up to 1KB with fill data at the end.

Y-MODEM sends a file size in bytes, and name on host, in the primary block it sends out.

Perhaps send a text file first, as the memory dump for that would likely be easier to visually confirm. On the PC get a File / Hex Viewer type tool so you can inspect the file content at a byte level, especially if you're not familiar with how data is stored in memory and files.

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