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how to differentiate boot code data and application data in .HEX file

Associate III

hi I'm using stm32f439 ARM controller for my development here im calculating checksum by accessing my code memory starting from 0x08000000 to up to 2Mb data and EXORING for my code checksum. but when i calculate the data from .HEX its not same, so some source get to know that .HEX file contains boot code data too so  how to differentiate boot code data and my code data in .HEX file.


thank you 

suguresh M


If you XOR the entire memory space does it matter?

You probably want something more robust.

The HEX file is apt to have void and can potentially be non-linear. To check or sign you need to convert to a binary using the same fill or pad values as the writing tool and Flash default. 

To recover symbols for different data lengths and structures you could use the .ELF object, or store values in recoverable locations like the vector table.

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hi Tesla




DeLorean  actually its for our application requirement I'm doing it. means once i loaded the code means next time  it will calculating 32bit checksum for my requirement. Flash address is 0x08000000 where our application starts storing in flash.

Is .BIN file only holds application information or boot data too?