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Hello ST Experts! While using fatfs and mass storage device. Things that I write to mass storage device seen after unplug and plug the device. Can you help me? Thank you for your time and consideration.

Associate II

Firstly I use internal sram of stm32f7 discovery and now its seen like a mass storage device. After that I try to write to that device. I can write and read properly but when I try to look at the device from my pc its seen empty but when I unplug and plug USB OTG data is seen. It is very ridiculous.

Her my user disk code:

0693W00000D1zLiQAJ.pnghere is my usbd0693W00000D1zLxQAJ.png 

her is my openFile code0693W00000D1zMHQAZ.png 

here is my file parser0693W00000D1zMMQAZ.png

Associate II

by the way I use same buffer to use same ram places for fatfs and usb

PC side will be cached, it isn't going to see random changes you make to the file system.

You'd need to be very careful to ensure coherency.

The MSC layer will need to issue a SCSI Sense Code indicating a MEDIUM CHANGE

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