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Firmware Update via UART boot commands


Hi guys, I have a nucleo-l073rz and am developing software for it with iar ewarm. So far everything is working well (programming and flashing via the st-link programmer). In the future, however, I would like to do firmware updates via the serial interface. After connecting the boot0 pin to VCC, I was able to send boot commands. Is it generally possible to use the "write memory command" to write a binary (which I created with ewarm) to a specific address and tadaaaa: "the firmware has been updated". Or is that completely utopian? If not, what do I need to bear in mind? I don't want to use any tools from ST, but rather create all the UART commands myself.


Follow AN2606 and AN3155 you should be able to upgrade the firmware. Can be done from a PC, or MCU. Several working examples exist. Or you can DIY from the docs.

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