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Firmware update over OTA for stm32g491RE



I am working with stm32g491re.I need to give firmware update option to the mcu . My stm32 board connected other MCU through uart and other mcu connected to web server. Firmware updates will come from webserver to stm32 through other mcu(with UART).
So, I am planning to use USART protocol for the STM32 bootloader  because stm32 and other board communication is happing through UART.

I read AN2606 and AN3155 and I got to know that to enter in to boot mode I need make boot0 pin to high and that I am doing through hardware then checking the boot0 state in firmware.
Can anyone tell me what is the next process to update the firmware through USART and when and how  to implement AN3155 document in the firmware for firmware update and flash bank division.

AN3155 explains different commands. Do I need to send those command through uart and then can I update firmware if I will get required feedback from stm32g0 board and Then I can download firmware update code ??

Till now what I understand is we need to jump to bootloader mode and then  application code to receive firmware file from USART.Is it correct?Do I need to develop the AN3155 USART command set in the firmware??

is there any example or resource link available please share it will be helpful.

I am new to this bootloader and flash partition programming. any suggestion will be helpful.



Christian N
ST Employee
Hello Sireevenkat1, Thank you for contacting STMicroelectronics. Your post was escalated to ST Online Support Team for additional assistance. Kind Regards, Christian ST Support