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Failed to read STM32L051 memory after some successful attempt


Hi guys,
I;m writing a PC program to communicate with STM32L051 bootloader bia USB-serial and CH340C IC. Getting MCU's ID and bootloader version is fine, which is version 3.1 and ID 0x417
I'm stuck at reading this MCU memory. Every time I try to read more than 512 bytes of memory by reading chunks of 128 bytes, bootloader stop responding within 1 second timeout after some successful readings beforehand. Reading 512 bytes from memory is fine though.

P/S: I follow communication instruction from document AN3155.

Did I overload the bootloader ?


Should be able to read the entire memory. Debug your code. Perhaps look at the interactions and whether it accepts or acknowledges the commands at each step. If it errors, look at why.

You can run the loader in the debugger to see where it is stuck. Make sure the loader isn't reseting.

Going to be hard to diagnose from here without significantly more details on the interactions. 

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