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External FLASH Memory with STM

Associate II

I am Interface the External FLASH memory with STM MCU.

As per Data sheet All command Implemented on Software But what next i can do not understand.

Can You please suggest me any example code of External FLASH Memory with STM MCU using SPI communication.(is either free rtos or barmetal ).








Pavel A.
Evangelist III


Sources of some QSPI/OSPI drivers provided by ST are in per-board BSP directories, such as this, and software interface is in separate component subdir or repo, such as this  - which is quite confusing, because the QSPI controller code is mixed with the flash driver code.

Some other drivers are completely in separate sub-directories or repositories, such as this. These are the examples that you can use.

So to find a good prototype of the QSPI flash driver for your case please tell which STM32 and board do you have; does it support QSPI or OSPI.

What/which STM32?

What Software have you implemented to this point?

External Flash memory doing what in this context? You saving data?

NOR Flash relatively slow, can typically write up to 256 bytes in an aligned page, and must wait for that to complete.

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