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Connecting STM32F7 DISCO to WiFi Using ESP8266


Hello everyone,

I'm currently facing an issue with migrating an ESP8266 project from EWARM IDE to CUBE IDE for use with the STM32F769I-DISCO board for WiFi connection.

When attempting to open the project from the example selector in CUBE MX, I received an indication stating that this example is not supported by stm32CubeMX, indicating that the project is MX non-compatible. Consequently, my IDE options are restricted to EWARM/SW4STM32/MDK-ARM.

Could you please provide guidance on how to resolve this issue and successfully transition the project to CUBE IDE?

I appreciate your assistance with this matter.

Thank you,


Andrew Neil
Evangelist III

EWARM is a proprietary toolchain - completely different from STM32CubeIDE - so you wouldn't expect the CubeIDE to be able to open an IAR project. Or vice-versa.

It's going to be a porting exercise...

How easy that porting is going to be will depend on how portable your existing code is - ie, how much it relies on specific features of the IAR tools ...

ST Employee

Hello @NB1 ,

depending on your project the STM32CubeIDE may be able to migrate the SW4STM32 project when you open it with Cubeide you can try this if you have the project in SW4STM32 version.


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Pavel A.
Evangelist III

@NB1 Staying with EWARM can save you time and effort. It is a well supported software with good reputation.