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Break at address "0x1fff087e" with no debug information available, or outside of program code.

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This message started popping up whenever I try to debug my firmware or just want to download it from the RUN button on my STM32Cube IDE (1.14.0).


I have a ST-LINKv3 connected to my custom board. I can build the project and download without issues using the USB DFU but my code does not run, and it used to prior to changing my I2C1 interface to slow mode for some tests and then changing it back to fast mode. I've checked another "similar" post that pointed to a crystal hardware issue, but this is not the case in my situation. I have even uninstalled the IDE and re-installed it with no luck. Any suggestions please?

Thank you in advance!


Custom board? What MCU?

Make sure BOOT0 is pulled Low so code in Flash is run rather than ROM

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Apologies, STM32F413ZGT6. Yes, the BOOT0 is indeed pulled low.

As mentioned, the board worked perfectly until I changed the I2C1 speed back to 400KHz.

Thank you.

Hi Tesla,

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. I'm working on a prototype with a wire mod on the BOOT0 pin. The actual wire broke off although the wire insulation kept the wire in place as it melted to the PCB. Actually measuring brought it to light.