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Using one connected embedded ST-Link to program another Nucleo.


Hello everyone,


I unfortunately broke the ST-Link-Board of my Nucleo F439ZI. So I bought another one.

Now I wanne use the embedded ST-Link of the new board to program the old Nucleo. But I am running in verious errors. 

Does anyone have experiences with this? Is it even possible while the ST-Link is still connected with the other halb of the board?


Thankfull for any help whatsoever.

ST Employee

Welcome @alexander_pitthan, to the community!

Yes, you can also use the ST-LINK/V2-1 for another target board without breaking it off. There are two jumpers CN4 on the break-off part of the ST-LINK with the following labeling:

  • NUCLEO (with filled in boxes, symbolizing inserted jumpers)
  • ST-LINK (with empty boxes,symbolizing removed jumpers

Simply remove these jumpers and connect the new target via CN6, details in UM1974, section 6.3.4.

Hope that helps?

Good luck!

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