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Associate II

Hello, my tutor asked me to make a GUI interface with touchgfx, which can add a button to realize the modbus protocol communication function. The current situation is that I have successfully burned the GUI demo file I made to the STM32H747I-DISCO development board and successfully displayed the screen. I configured the.ioc file generated by touchgfx through STM32chubMX, and the configuration information is shown below (please point out if there is any error). Now I have a very difficult problem that I do not know how to solve: I configured the USART2 serial port and connected it to the FAN-OUT BOARD, and cross-connected STMod+#3-RX and STMod+#2-TX in it to the TXD and RXD interfaces of CH340T by traction cable, as shown below (please point if there is any error). Then the code generated by MX is opened in STM32cubeIDE, and HAL library is called to send and receive information. The specific code is shown as the following figure. After a long time of modification, the code is compiled without any problem, but I can not receive any data information in the serial debugging assistant SSCOM5.13.1 when the program is running. I do not know what problems have occurred, the code information is shown below (if there is any error, please point).





Isn't it the Tutor's job to support you?

Have you made the solder-bridges to insure the connectivity of the desired UART2 pins to the STMod

Can you see signals with a scope?

Have you check the MSP code that initializes the pins and clocks?

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