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STM32F769 Discovery Kit touch screen always returning a touch


I have an intermittent issue where the touch screen always returns touched. I've verified this by setting a breakpoint in BSP_TS_GetState (STM32TouchController.cpp) where TS_State->touchDetected = ft6x06_ts_drv.DetectTouch(I2C_Address); is always true.

This seems to be related to the way our board is mounted in its enclosure, but I'm not 100% as it's hard to reproduce. I think it's the enclosure because it's very rarely seen when the board is out of the enclosure.

Once it's in this always touched state, the device looks at though it has frozen because no "real" touches can be processed.

The only way to fix this is to restart the device. My guess is that on boot, a new baseline is established, because the constant touch is resolved. 

Is there a way to reset the ft6x06 or associated items within code to avoid restarting the device.

When I look inside the driver code, the reset and calibration functions don't seem to be supported.