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STM32 SD Card write multi block



I'm working on an STM32H7xx device. I'm trying to implement a system that writes data to a 'high capacity' SD Card. My goal is to be able to use the SD Card in a circular way. I'm having difficulty implementing this mechanism because I observe that when I run out of available space on the SD Card and try to start writing from beginning, the first blocks are not written and are lost. When I get to write the last block of data in the last availabnle space in SD Card, I send the command "SDMMC_CMD_STOP_TRANSMISSION". Can anyone tell me if this command inhibits subsequent writing to the SD Card for fixed time? Because I noticed that by introducing a delay between when I write the last block in last available portion of the SD Card and when I start writing again from the beginning of the SD Card, the problem of losing data blocks is solved.