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Buttons for sending Can Frame


Hello . I need to send 6 different 8-bit frames via Can to an external device using buttons. I will connect either 6 buttons to the GPIO inputs to stm32f407. 1 frame 8 bit. How to do it. Could someone help me with this?


 It's about adding buttons to the code and teeth and configuration with can.. can already works.




Find the pins you need on the board, you don't specify any details on the board. Configure as GPIO inputs, pull-up as necessary.

Use GPIO + EXTI to get interrupts, or scan in 1 KHz tick. Perhaps debounce, and flag message(s) for transmission.

Perhaps use a key pad, or one connecting via I2C.

Or boards based on the TM1638 chip?

Discuss with the person who set the assignment.


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