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Building modified bootloader of stm32h750B board

Associate II

When a new project is being created using Touch GFX, the project folder contains a sub-folder ExtMeM_Boot. This folder contains the source files and includes of the bootloader and its dependencies. A pre-built binary is also included (bootloader.bin) which is called by the linker script. The board that I'm using is a STM32H750 Dev - Kit.

My requirement is I need to perform some modifications to the bootloader program (main.c) and rebuild it to generate binary. Is there a method to build the bootloader program simultaneously with the main application or should I move all the contents and its dependencies to new project or is there any other standard method.


ST Employee

Hi @markd 

Since the sequence may vary based on the specific requirements of the project, bootloader and the main application are typically built in separately. It is up to the user to automate the process. 

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