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TCPP01-M12 FLT fault indicator

Associate II

I'd like to add an LED indicator to the FLT pin so it sinks current when it becomes active low. The LED anaode would be tide high with a resistor in series. The spec sheet says this pin has a resistance of 250Ohms when active. How much current can this pin sink and is approach a suitable way to achieve this?

ST Employee

As you will have seen, the maximum current in pin FLT/ is not specified in the data sheet.

However, since this is a logic output that is normally working on a pull-up of 10k, you can probably assume an applicable current of 1mA, which is a bit low for most LEDs. Therefore, it maybe makes sense to drive the LED with an amplifier, e.g. a single-gate logic gate, a pnp BJT or a logic level p-channel FET.

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