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Motor Control configuration for DRV8323 driver



I am working on BLDC motor driver. I am use STM32G431 as control unit with Motor Control Workbench and DRV8323RH gate driver. I have problem with getting the motor to spin, as soon i I start it, i am getting under voltage error. And see some overcurrent problem at power stage. It happent both in 3 and 6 PWM control mode.

It seems like it is software control issue. Does anyone have expierience with Motor Contron on Texas DRV83xx drivers?

uomo motore
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Please ensure that the PWM channels are connected correctly (TIM1_CH1 to INHA, TIM1_CH1N to INLA, TIM1_CH2 to INHB and so on). Please verify that the Power Stage>Driving Signal Polarity for high side and low side is set correctly.

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how did you make it work?