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How do I connect the TCPP01-M12 for only 5V if I do not use the USB Type-C™ Power Delivery protocol?

ST Employee

How do I connect the TCPP01-M12 for only 5V if I do not use the USB Type-C™ Power Delivery protocol?

If you do not use the Power Delivery protocol, you must use pull down resistors (Rd) on the CC line to inform the source about sink presence. Then are two cases:
  • 5V/0.5A (maximum) on VBUS: you can use the TCPP01-M12’s integrated “dead battery” management logic without any additional connections on CC lines. No MCU is needed in this case.
  • 5V/1.5A or 3A (maximum) on VBUS: You need 5.1k ohm +10% Rd resistors on CC lines connected to an ADC to verify source capability. In this latter case, you can refer to the schematic from the USB-C Power Delivery Sink expansion board based on TCPP01-M12 for STM32 Nucleo (X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1).
The current source capability is set by the pull-up (Rp) resistor on the source side.
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I'm looking to use TCPP01-M12 as 5V, 3A (15W) sink, in a STM32WL based custom design, 
as such not planning to connect TCPP01-M12 to MCU/ No UCPD - completely standalone...

Question: the two 5.1K pulldown resistors to GND; should they be applied to TCPP01-M12
pins 3 & 1 (CC1, CC2) -or- pins 7 & 9 (CC1c, CC2c)?

The reason I ask - in en.x-nucleo-SNK1M1 schematic - they go to TCPP01-M12 pins 3 & 1
(i.e. CC1, CC2), and
in case of en.steval-MKBOXPRO schematic, they are applied directly to USB-C connector-
pins (A5, B5), which is same as: TCPP01-M12 pins 7 & 9 (CC1c, CC2c).

Which one you recommend for my (No MCU/ UCPD) application? I prefer MKBOXPRO - 
since it's very close to my use case/ truly meant to be standalone - except I need 3A sink.

ST Employee

Hi AVigh.1

As notify by LauraCx :

en.steval-MKBOXPRO is limited to 5V 0.5A (TCPP01-M12 stand alone)

X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 with TCPP01-M12 connected to STM32 without UCPD (STM32WL as example) can reach 5V - 3A 

X-NUCLEO-SNK1M1 configuration is :

* R1 = 2k4 Ohm to set OVP on Vbus to 6V

* J1 and J2 close between position 2 and 3 : to place 5.1k between CC1 / CC2 and ADC inputs

The ADC is required to check source capabity (0.5A, 1.5A or 3A) on type-C only. See example on X-CUBE-TCPP for STML412RB 


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