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A69863V3TR - Issues when testing


Hi all,

I am trying to design a power converter using the A69863V3TR and I am having some issues.

I have followed the design section in the datasheet and used the online eDesignSuite to design a 3.3V DC/DC converter.

The circuit has now been manufactured.

Firstly, when the circuit was turned on, at 24V, it did output 3.3V but with a large output ripple ~40%. The output ripple is due to the capacitor used, but there was another major issue. After I increased the voltage from 24V to 33V, the IC seemed to have set its output to ~0.8V and now when the voltage is lowered, the output remains at ~0.8V. I could see that it was outputting pulses to the inductor.

I have attached the eDesignSuite circuit that has been realized.


If anyone has any advice please let me know.


I have also attached a screenshot of my Altium drawing.