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STUSB4500 GUI did not work if I2C bus have 0x00 ack initially during bus scan. can GUI choose which address to talk to?

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I have a design with STUSB4500, and some other I2C devices on the same I2C bus. The GUI works well with the nuclreo F072RB kit, if just fit STUSB4500 device only.

once added other I2C devices on the I2C bus as STUSB4500, it always retured no ack at device 0x0.

when run the HwCheckUtility, I could find the all the devices as expected ,but also with an address 0x0.

e.g 0x0, 0x30,0x31,0x50,0x51, etc.

I then used logic analyzer to check the I2C bus activity. It seems that

the GUI scans the bus to find out the address of the I2C device initially. it did shows device ACK when checking address 0x00 by writing address 0x00.

next the gui try to talk to device 0x00, then it failed since no ack and so such deivce.

The reason there is ack on addr 0x00 is just because the I2C general call address.

My question on the gui is that, Will the GUI capable to let user choose the proper I2C address? and how the GUI deal with general call address 0x00 if one of the I2C deivce ACK during the bus scan?


Associate II

No luck with the UART FW if there are any other device on the I2C bus.

With the USB-HID fw. Still no luck with the latest "STUSB4500_GUI_2.00" from the website.

but it did find and could communicate with the STUSB4500 chip with the STUSB4500_GUI_1.10 or STUSB4500_GUI_1.09 from the community forum, even with other I2C device on the same bus.

Associate II