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Somebody know this ic?


Hi again to everyone!

I want to know, if somebody know something about this ic´s in the attached pictures (one it´s labeled: "a34 2248", and the other is: "2057 wow1", both in smd structure).

It is used to switch  beetwin two hdmi signals.

I´ve searched about they, without luck...

Thanks in advice!!!

ST Employee

The two components are in package variants QFN18 and TSSOP6/SOT23-6 or similar designations. Apart from protection arrays, however, STMicroelectronics does not offer any devices that have anything to do with HDMI, not even the components shown, so we cannot make any statement. But maybe one of the community users is in a position to do so?

Good luck!

Thx for answer @Peter BENSCH , i thing it´s a multiplexor ic, it only switch btween two signals pins.

One has 18 pins, probably skyworks type device or RF switch, or clock buffer

Not this,

Or  HDMI2C1-6C1 type device

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Hi again Tesla!

I made this: