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SPC564Ax: My SPI chip select logic is inverted!

Associate II

Dear experts,


I have worked with the SPI of  SPC563 without any problem before. Also, I checked the example of the SPC564 and I am not seeing any differences. now I am trying to config the SPI of a SPC564A70 myself. When I monitored the chip select pin with osciloscope, I saw that the logic of CS pin is inverted. meaning that it is low all the time and when I send the message it becomes high. I also checked the inactive state of the pin in configurations and all of them are "inactive high". can you help me regarding this issue?


Thank you

Giuseppe DI-GIORE
ST Employee


please, check in SPC5Studio the DSPI configuration, the inactive state of the PCS.

See picture below:


Best Regards.