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Two items: "steval_mksbox1v1_bus.h" not found, and "steval_mksbox1v1cannot be debugged"


I am trying to generate simple code to use with, where i have the LSM6DSO connected and BLE makes a virtual COM port.

I HAD incorrectly set up CubeMX to generate the files, so it wasn't actually pulling in mems/ble files. And the binary built could not be flashed onto the SensorTile.Box because the board was not meant for debugging (Why does the board even have a 14-pin header then???????)

Now that I've correctly configured the additional software (Why does adding it not correctly set the pins for the selected target board of the project?), I cannot build the project. Multiple files are asking for steval_mksbox1v1_bus.h, starting with the hci_tl_interface.h. How can I resolve this? STM32CubeIDE 1.2.1, with latest packs for mems/bluenrg1, etc.

compilation terminated.
In file included from ../Core/Inc/main.h:34:0,
                 from ../USB_DEVICE/Target/usbd_conf.h:34,
                 from C:/Users/jmoore/STM32Cube/Repository/STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.15.0/Middlewares/ST/STM32_USB_Device_Library/Core/Inc/usbd_def.h:29,
                 from C:/Users/jmoore/STM32Cube/Repository/STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.15.0/Middlewares/ST/STM32_USB_Device_Library/Core/Inc/usbd_ctlreq.h:29,
                 from C:/Users/jmoore/STM32Cube/Repository/STM32Cube_FW_L4_V1.15.0/Middlewares/ST/STM32_USB_Device_Library/Core/Src/usbd_ctlreq.c:21:
../BlueNRG-MS/Target/hci_tl_interface.h:33:10: fatal error: steval_mksbox1v1_bus.h: No such file or directory
 #include "steval_mksbox1v1_bus.h"

ST Employee

Hi @JMoor​ , you generated your project starting from the pre-loaded example for STEVAL_MKSBOX but you can only upload the .bin file due to the lack of "debug system", right? About the claim "steval_mksbox1v1" cannot be debugged, effectively, the debug is unfortunately not so immediate... the 14-pin connector cannot be immediately interfaced with the standard STLink V2 or V3 utility: since the STM32L4 on the works at Vdd 1.8V, I suggest you to use the STLink V2 (you can find it also on almost every NUCLEO boards). You have however to fabricate an appropriate connector following the two schematic pinout.

About the "steval_mksbox1v1_bus.h" not found error, I suggest you to check if the .ioc generation chain has done its job. As second step, if you downloaded the FP-SNS-STBOX1 function pack, you can find a SensorTile.box_bus.h file in the folder STM32CubeFunctionPack_STBOX1_V1.0.0\Drivers\BSP\ Try to see if you can recover this file from here. Regards


There's no method to use STLink V3 with this? It seems a bit odd that this requires making a custom cable in order to actually debug. I get that that becomes more "pro" mode, but not everyone is going to have access to cable building supplies, especially pins with that small of a pitch.

I have downloaded the function pack, however, I cannot import it. I get "Invalid zip file or missing expected Pdsc file within pack root directory"

How would I check the .ioc generation chain has done it's job? I'm entirely new to the CubeMX system, and thus far haven't really found a lot to help in a manner that gets through to me.