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Re: Hello, What's the difference between lsm6dsrx and lsm6dsox? which one is recommended for a new d

Associate II

Hi Guys, I've noted this post after some troubles with my dynamic tilt sensor using the LSM6DSOX or LSM6DSRX.

Here to focus you on this aspect regarding the behaviour of my sensor.

Starting from the fact that the firmware is exactly the same for both these primary sensors, I have a different behaviour on the output angle (different values) when the sensor is subjected to acceleration and angular rate variability.

With an intensive shocks and scroll, the sensor using the LSM6DSOX is able to keep the output angles stable while the sensor with the LSM6DSRX makes the output angles crazy.

This in not understandable from my side because the only part different is the primary sensor.

The registers setting seem to be the same for both the chip. Honestly I'm getting a bit crazy about this weird behaviour.

The only thing that I've noted is the Gy raw data during the shocks and scrolling are a bit different between the two sensors.

For the LSM6DSRX the Gy data output seems having a mean value not equal to zero.

Do you have a suggestion?

Ronald Niederhagen
Associate II

Hi, have you analyzed the temperature behavior of these devices? And if so, have you seen this bug for these devices, too: