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lsm6dsox sensor

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lsm6dsox sensor generates significant motion interrupt when a change in user location is detected. It generates an interrupt when the difference between the number of steps counted from its initialization/reset is higher than 10 steps. So it uses step counter. I need to detect the difference the user location by significant motion on 3 steps. please help me how i should change the significant motion feature to detect the user location on 3 steps.


Associate II

Somebody from the ST forum(contributors).Please answer me if is possible? Thanks

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @rena ,

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Can you give me more details? Are you using an official example? Are you following an example of the application note?

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Associate II

Yes.My cpu is STM32H757AII6 .my MEMs sensor is KSM6DSOXTR.

I used by "an5272-lsm6sox-alwayson....pdf" to configure my MEMs sensor to work on "Significant motion mode".

Please see:


I've configurate my sensor according to the rules from this document. As you could see, the significant motion mode works only after more than 10 steps - I need 3 steps. what/how I should configure my device to work in the mode only after 3 steps. Please help me. Thanks.