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Question to HS_Datalog and the cli_example. Order of execution and extra Documentation.

Associate II

Hi there fellas, I'm using the HS_Datalog to measure some vibrations. At first, I used the Python SDK, but now I'm trying to use the libhs_datalog_64.dll in a c# Application. I can get the device info, start and stop the log, set some parameters like ODR or FS, but it seems that I'm doing something wrong when I try to pull my data from the st board. I can save it, but I cannot export with the Python SDK afterwards. Furthermore, I would also like to load the *.json Config File on the board using the hs_datalog_send_message(...). Can somebody tell me what the correct format of the message is? Can I get some more documentation on the HS_Datalog.h ?

ST Employee

Hi @BRade.1​ ,

I've submitted your question to our internal expert. Can you please add some more details specifying the problem? For example, does the FW stuck without saving all the files? Or the .dat files are empty or corrupted and cannot be read?


Associate II

I solved this Problem. It seems that in the same Folder as the .dat File, there must be the device Config and the Acuqasition Info, I just didn't save the Configs all these time. I have got anaother Problem now over here.I start the st board with hs_datalog_open(), start my Acuqasition with hs_datalog_start(dId) every 1000ms i look for data, i collect it and free the memmory on the st. This goes on for 15s maybe , i save all the data look one more time for data, to be sure if there is any available on the st and stop the log with hs_datalog_stop(dId). After 2s i want to start an Acuqasition again with hs_datalog_open(dId) and it is not happening (bear in mind hs_datalog_close() is used only when im ready with all my acuqasitions and the Programm is closed). How do i start and stop multiple times without the use of hs_datalog_open/close()? Do i need to close the st boards every single time with hs_datalog_close()? Do i need to set the device everytime before Log? I can send you code if needed.