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Query about LSM6DSR read/write address on I2c interface

Associate II

I am using LSM6DSR on I2c interface. As per datasheet when the SDO/SAO pin of the sensor is connected to ground the read/write address should be D5H/D4H but currently the read/write address is D7H/D6H. Can you please explain the reason for this? Has anyone experienced this issue before?

ST Employee

Hi @RWasw.1​ ,

can you check your schematic to validate that the SDO/SA0 pin is at the correct voltage level?

In any case, is this issue impacting the correct functioning of your application (in term of data acquisition / current consumption)?


Associate II

Hi @Eleon BORLINI​ ,

We have checked the voltage at this pin and it is at low level.

This is not affecting the data acquisition/current consumption but we have concern that we should not have this addressing issues during mass production because we are looking towards the root cause and until now we haven't found any.


Hi Ravi @RWasw.1​ ,


How many devices did you tested showing this behavior?


Hi @Eleon BORLINI (ST Employee)​ ,

We have tested on 2 devices and both of them show the same behaviour.



If you're seeing the address 0xD7 when you connect the SDO/SAO pin to ground, it probably means that the sensor is set to use a newer communication mode called I3C.
To get things back to normal and disable I3C mode, you have a couple of options:

1. Connect a pull-down resistor to the INT1 pin of the sensor. This basically tells the sensor to chill out and go back to regular I2C mode.

2. Send a software command to the sensor to turn off I3C mode. It's like giving the sensor a little digital nudge to make it behave and go back to its regular I2C ways.