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Multiple LIS3MDL and other sensors on same SPI bus with different CS


I am looking to design board with LIS3MDL (Mag) with ICM42688(Acc and Gyro) snd MS5611(baro) on single board with single SPI bus through different CS for all IC's. 

However for LIS3MDL the CS is used to switch between I2C and SPI interface. 

1. Will the design work with all these 3 ICs on same SPI bus.

2. Will the LIS3MDL IC start driving signal on SDI pin(considering it as I2C command) when CS is high for it and low for other IC.

3. can multiple LIS3MDL on single SPI bus possible with different CS.   

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @PradeepKumar ,

Welcome to ST Community!

Since the LIS3MDL sensor does not have a bit for disabling the I2C interface, it’s not possible to use it contemporaneously with other IC sharing the same SPI bus.

Alternatively, you can use the LIS2MDL magnetometer disabling the I2C interface using the I2C_DIS of the 0x62 register.  Therefore, by using IC that allow you to disable the I2C protocol, you can guarantee a correct SPI communication sharing the same bus.


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