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LSM6DSO32X Act./Inactivity max ODR

Associate II



Im trying to set up Act/Inactivity INT1 at high ODR (1.66khz / 2000dps / 4g). Its threshold is too high so it resets or goes in/out of active/inactive state too often. 

Is there any way to lower the activity threshold so it really needs to be at rest to enter an inactivity state?



Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @IRogo.1 ,

I suggest you to follow the example on AN5640:


Otherwise, you could look at our official examples on github.

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the issue is not how to set it up but how to reduce the wakeup threshold as with increased ODR the 

lsm6dso32x_wkup_threshold_set(dev, 0x01);
will not trigger on small movements. 
The desired outcome is that the device needs to be completely still until picked up. Then it can be held steady but never like when placed on a desk.