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LSM6DSO32 resonance frequency


Hello there,

What is the resonance frequency of the LSM6DSO32 accelerometer and gyroscope?
It is not available in the datasheet. I tried to open a customer support tickets but they just forwarded me to this forum.


Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @mk390d ,

Welcome to ST Community!

The theoretical maximum frequency for both accelerometer and gyroscope is defined by the Nyquist limit (ODR/2), however this limit could be lowered by the first LPF filter, which scope is to filter the noise and increase the accuracy. Sometimes the MEMS resonance frequency is lower than the Nyquist limit, and for this reason an LPF filter (in addition to an anti-alias filter) is used before the digital interface.

In the case of the LSM6DSO32, the maximum frequency that can be accurately detected (i.e. the cutoff value of the LPF1) for the accelerometer is ODR/2 when the accelerometer is in high-performance mode, while is equal to 700 Hz when the accelerometer is in low-power and 3000 Hz when the accelerometer is configured in ultralow-power mode. For the gyroscope the maximum bandwidth is 1441.8Hz (see AN5473 pag. 16 for accelerometer and pag. 23 for gyroscope).

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