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I don't know how to use STEVAL-STWINMA2


I possese STEVAL-STWINMA2 with STEVAL-STWINKT1B for ultrasonic measurements.

As a setup, we have attached STWINMA2 to STEVAL-STWINKT1B and installed a software "X-CUBE- MEMSMIC1".

Then, we took measurements with using UltrasoundFFT.exe in the SW_executable file of the software,

However every time I try, the only one data of the first attemption goes in to the 'Acquistitions' file,

and the other results do not show up there.

I never failed to check the box of 'save file'.

I guess that even the content of  the only data that I got does not change at all.

Even thouth I attempted to restart either my computer or STEVAL-STWINKT1B, it still does not work.

I would like you to give me any advices if you have an idea of cause of the problem.

Also, I would appreciat that I ever have an oppotunity

where you indicate me how to use  STEVAL-STWINMA2 properly.


ST Employee

Hello @D_Tomita 

can you share some screenshots? Can you see any kind of data in the GUI or is it frozen?

Which firmware did you flashed on the STWIN board? X-CUBE-MEMSMIC1 contains different firmware examples for STWIN board. UltrasoundFFT executable can work only with the related UltrasoundFFT firmwares. Be aware that Acoustic_SL and Microphones_Streaming examples are not compatible with the UltrasoundFFT executable.


Best regards