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Does ST offer any IP67 microphones with analog output?


Does ST offer any IP67 microphones with analog output?

Federica Bossi
ST Employee

Hi @LCE ,

All MEMS microphones have a hole through which water surely enters and therefore there are no water-resistant MEMS microphones on the market

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But as you surely have experienced, sound waves can travel through solid matter. 😉

Infineon IM73A135V01 (but that one has a differential output, I'd rather have it single-ended, but that's not specified for that mic) has at least IP57:

IP5x: Ingress of dust is not entirely prevented, but it must not enter in sufficient quantity to interfere with the safe operation of the equipment.

IPx7: Immersion, up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) depth Ingress of water in harmful quantity shall not be possible when the enclosure is immersed in water under defined conditions of pressure and time (up to 1 meter (3 ft 3 in) of submersion). Test duration: 30 minutes

Until recently we used a microphone from Vesper (also IP57), but that small company was bought and that product EOL'd.