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Recommendations for how to program BlueNRG-M2SP in production


These answers say that the BlueNRG-M2SP module comes blank and must be programmed with a firmware binary.

How do you recommend the BlueNRG-M2SP module be programmed in a production environment?  For example, are there tools available for pre-programming the module before it's soldered to the custom board?  Or does the module need to be programmed in circuit through the module's SWD connection with tools such as ST-Link V2 and the programmer application?  Programming in-circuit with ST-Link might be OK for low volume production but is there a better solution for high-volume products?

Uwe Bonnes
Principal II

I think, ST can offer devices programmed to you spec. And there are 3-rd parties that can program for you. Otherwise to the pogrammin during boar test.