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[NUCLEO-WL55JC] FSK Modulation - WakeUp from Sleep mode

Ayoub Cheggari
Associate III


I really like the NUCLEO-WL55JC platform as it provides many features for FSK which I am using, but when I checked the UM, I didn't find a way to wake Up the MCU by receiving a Frame. From my experience, there should be a mode different than RX, in which the Transceiver is in sleep and wakes Up and them force the wake Up of the MCU to handle the incoming frame. 

Is there a way to fulfil this requirement?



ST Employee

Hello @Ayoub Cheggari and welcome to the ST Community.

I suggest you to take a look on the  sub-GHz radio IRQ, that should be a solution for your case ( check the reference manual).



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Hi Issam,

I wouldn't ask a question if I didn't search very well! I've read the whole basic documentation but maybe I missed the answer. 

I actually resolved half of the issue! I can wake Up the mcu with RF IRQ line but I don't receive any Preamble or Valid Sync Interrupts.