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The relationship between the sequence number of Zone mapping in VL53L5C and the returned result

Associate II

There is an explanation about Zone mapping in the document as follows :


 The area number in the above figure is consistent with the example VL53L5CX_ How do the return results in VL53L5CX_SimpleRanging ?

In VL53L5CX_SimpleRanging ,There is the following code:

(long)Result->ZoneResult[j + k].Distance[l],

I printed the output of [j + k](Taking 4 * 4 as an example):3 2 1 0  7 6 5 4 11 10 9 8 15 14 13 12 

Is this value of [j + k] the corresponding area number?

ST Employee

Use the GUI on the Evaluation kit. You can see the zone numbering. But yes, the 0,0 bin is in the upper right, assuming your perspective is looking at the chip from the ranging side, and NOT as if you were standing in back of the sensor.


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