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I wish to use the VL6180 within a pressurised chamber. What pressure can the package withstand? Max pressure would be ~15bar.

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I wouldn't do it that way. The sensor is not a solid block of plastic and silicon. It's a bit of silicon with a cap over it and it contains air.

There is a small hole to keep it from exploding during the reflow process, but I would not count on that in your application.

Is there any way to create a window into your chamber and put the sensor on the outside?

The sensor really needs a coverglass to keep the elements from fowling the raw, exposed silicon.

By having the sensor look through a window of some sort, you protect the sensor and the same time as solving your pressure problem.

  • john

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Thanks for the reply. I thought that might be the case. Having a window in the pressure vessel was plan B.