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Editor went wrong

Copypasted piece of code from the post I'm replying to, and the editor went crazy:


The "shadow" smoothly moved with the cursor as long as it was in the editor pane. Preview showed normal text with code, but exiting preview restored the "shadow" as in the screenshot, except the "shadow" does not follow the cursor anymore.

FF102.13.0ESR, Win8.0


PS. Is the ridiculously small editor pane to stay? Seriously?

Community manager
Community manager

Hi @waclawek.jan,

I attempted to replicate the error with the exact string of code you copy-pasted, but on my end it works as intended. I will attempt to recreate the issue using Firefox when I can, and I will get back to you on that. 
Regarding the rich text editor, it can be expanded by dragging the dotted triangle in the bottom right side downwards. 

I will ask our support team to make this field pane longer by default, so that no dragging is needed for the most common use-cases. 

Thank you for your feedback! 

Best regards,
Laurids Petersen