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How to see/download etc. a picture with a link?

Here I posted a picture and then added a link to it. The picture in itself is rendered into an illegible thumbnail, and the explicitly entered link overrides the implicit link which would invoke the "picture/attachment magic". How can a user see it, then?

I admit that this is a tricky issue and I don't want this to be solved in any way. I can simply modify that post (I deliberately left it so so that I can make a point here, and it probably won't harm the OP anyway). Just maybe something to think about.


Community manager
Community manager

Hi @waclawek.jan,
I would like to request an attachment of the picture in it's original resolution in this thread or via PM.
Once I have the attachment I will look into a possible solution. If there is no immediate solution I can definitely add it to a list of future improvements. 

Best regards,
Laurids Petersen

Hi @Laurids_PETERSEN ,

As I've said, I don't think this deserves any attention. I've removed the link from the picture in the originally linked post, and that's it.

However, if you want to play with it, this is is the picture in question:


and this is it with the link